General instructions for underbody protection


    Before the treatment a thorough cleaning is absolutely necessary.

  1. Take off wheels and factory provided interior mudguards (plastic, aluminium or felt) when car is lifted. Remember to mark location of each wheel on car and on hub.
  2. Cleaning of steering components and front suspension to be done with due care for rubber grommets, open wheel bearings, grease points etc..
  3. After cleaning thoroughly inspect underbody for loose and cracked old protection. Be specially aware of corners with deep layers and places with PVC or other solid covering. Any loose covering should be removed.


    A careful drying is absolutely necessary.

  4. In order to have the best drainage and drying of cavities following should be done before pre-drying the car:
    1. Drill spray holes according to the scheme at first treatment. At renewed treatment ensure all drainage holes have been drilled according to current spray scheme.
    2. Unplug all holes. Previously drilled and plugged holes and covered holes from production should be opened according to scheme.
  5. Pre-drying should be done so no surfaces – including corners, edges and “shelves” show any sign of moist when spraying start.

    Preparing to spray

    1. Wheels must be removed when car has been lifted.
    2. Brake discs should be covered for protection before spraying.
    3. Where spray scheme dictate removal of head or rear lights this should be done unless screws are rusted solidly. In latter case customer must be told that light housings have not been sprayed.
    4. Protective interior mudguards must be removed before spraying.
    5. Any loose old protection must be removed with scraper.
    6. Inertia safety belts in door posts or side panels should be secured in fully rolled out position for protection.


    Car temperature should be over +10 Celcius.

    Should be done so all designated parts, panels, surfaces, and cavities have a 100% coverage.

    1. Spraying should be done in three steps + control:

      1. First spray the whole underbody including mudguard/wing under sides and all joints with the thin penetrating product.
      2. Then spray all closed cavities, i.e. Panels, doors, side members, door posts etc. with the thin penetrating product.
      3. Third spray should cover the whole underbody, wing undersides, joints etc, again, now with the heavy wear resistant product.
    2. Now inspect the work done and fix anything left out/forgotten.
  6. Reinforcements in engine and luggage compartments should be sprayed with reduced pressure. Take care for luggage compartment covering, and note the risk of later drips.
  7. Keep clear of propeller shaft, gearbox, differential gear and oil sump. Clean if any spillage.

    After spraying

    Always wash and thoroughly clean the car.

  8. After final treatment remove any spillage on painted surfaces with an emulgator free cleaning agent.

Index of symbols for all spray schemes

triangle Existing hole
open star Drill 8mm hole
closed star Drill 8mm hole and plug after spray
dotted Reduced spray pressure
circle Existing opening in vertical panel
TT Existing opening in horizontal panel
(!) Careful (avoid spraying "furniture" etc.)
Last update 22.2.2006