Underbody protection

There are a number of products for this purpose, based on oil or wax. It is a big thing on the Danish market, so I can think of/choose between Dinitrol (alias Tuff-Kote Dinol, Pyrmo, and Proflex), Waxoyl, Mercasol, Tectyl, Teroson, Carlofon, and local brands Pava, and Tektrol.

It will be hard to find a place in the country where the nearest specialist center is more than 5 miles away.

All is easily available in aerosol (amateur/touch up), threaded tin cans, pots or drums.

I would normally go for the tin cans, as they screw directly on a spray gun.

In English it is normally called underbody seal/protection. In fact the germans use a much more precise word for this: hohlraumshutz = Cavity Protection.

That is what it is all about: A car rusts from the cavities and the welding seams. Getting a penetrating oil/wax in to close and protect these places is the vital job.

Visible seams can be protected with a brush or with a brush equipped oil can.

As to effect of each product and compatibility between them, these are my general obeservations:

Seems to be like petrol/gasoline: Some customers prefer Shell, some prefer Exxon, yet others simply go by the price and octane rating.

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Enjoy...Anders H L

Last update 23.2.2006