Pictures from renovation in from Poland 19 Aug 2006 to 23 Feb 2007 and 2007 until final disaster: Renovated engine blown on May 18th 2007. Then on until ???

dscn2601_small.jpg dscn2602_small.jpg ahl_2780_small.jpg dscn2603_small.jpg dscn2604_small.jpg dscn2605_small.jpg
s7000621_small.jpg s7000622_small.jpg s7000623_small.jpg s7000624_small.jpg s7000625_small.jpg ahl_2528_small.jpg
ahl_2628_small.jpg ahl_2629_small.jpg ahl_2641_small.jpg ahl_2653_small.jpg ahl_2654_small.jpg forrude_small.jpg
ahl_2695_small.jpg ahl_2700_small.jpg ahl_2703_small.jpg ahl_2705_small.jpg ahl_2713_small.jpg ahl_2736_small.jpg
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