My Lancia parts suppliers

Axel Augustin, Flensburg, Germany
Coupling, petrol pump, engine items
Online catalogue
Bielstein, Germany
Online catalogue, incl. re-manufactured parts
BM Autoteile, Düsseldorf, Germany

All makes, catalogue on eBay
Ricambi D-epoca, Australia
Reverse Light Switch
Ricambi Automobilia, Netherlands
Handbrake cable,  rubber boots
Lancia Service, Cape Town, South Africa
Injection Manual
Keys4Classics, Sydney, Australia
Astonishing: Decoded and remanufactured from photo. Keys arrived one week after first contact.
Eckhard Schönknecht, Karlsruhe, Germany
Rear Lights, Oil cooler
2nd hand parts, catalogue
Ricky Evans Motorsport, UK
Front Screen
All makes, catalogue selection of  type , tint etc...
Omicron, London, UK
Tailgate gas struts
Mostly pre-beta
P D Gough, UK
Stainless Steel Exhaust
Impressive: As original, made from make, model, year
Rainer, Stettin, Poland
Homepage is in Danish

Some handbooks
Set up search criteria "Lancia Beta" and "Lancia HPE" in each eBay individually.
eBay, Germany
Lots of items
eBay, UK
Some items
Local exhaust specialist
Exhaust mounting parts
Walker actually have most correct items
Local 3M distributor
Scotch-Clad 776
For sealing gas/petrol tank (one liter sealed two)

And the ones who were most helpful:

Betaboyz, UK

Also remanufacturing, particularly suspension items - bushes
Lancia Beta interessengruppe & forum, Germany

Lots of links
Last update 15.11.2007